There are many ways to get to Bute, but one of the most glamorous would have to be by private plane!

Bute actually has its own airstrip!

This little strip of grass lies neatly between fields down at the south of the island, near the Kingarth Hotel

It’s a short runway – under 500m long and by all accounts it’s a tricky spot to land in!

Although the airstrip is mostly used for emergency air ambulance flights, it is used for private visits too.  It has also formed the backdrop to the island’s Baird of Bute celebrations. shows the dedication of Bute Airstrip to the memory of Andrew Baird who 100 years ago was the first Scot to design, build and fly his heavier than air flying machine at Ettrick Bay, right here on Bute.

If you fancy coming across and popping in to Kingarth Hotel for a spot of lunch or dinner, please note that prior permission to land must be given and you should countact Mount Stuart Trust on 01700 502627.

There is no fuel at the Bute airstrip, but there are a couple of picnic tables – so if you are feeling like a day out with a difference, why not fly over and give us a visit!


Want to see how it feels to fly over and land at the airstrip?  Here’s a marvellous video © MarkAllan0