Isle of Bute Gin

Isle of Bute gin currently produces two gins, order ultram shop online or buy ultram dose sourced from botanicals and aromatics found here on the Isle of Bute and created by distiller, brewer and alcohol expert, Simon Tardivel.

The Oyster Gin (a world first!) is not like anything you will have tasted before… but we know you will find the unique flavours a real treat. They charge their still with oysters, fresh from the Argyll Coast, to add a delicate maritime essence to this gin. This, blended with a mix of citrus and other botanicals, creates a savoury gin that cannot be matched.

The glorious yellow blossoms of gorse feature in our Gorse Gin. This is made with hand-picked gorse sourced exclusively from Mount Stuart, along with a mix of other carefully selected botanicals. These give this gin a delicate coconut and vanilla aroma, backed up with a distinct pine and juniper flavour.

If you are intrigued to find out more, you can purchase gins directly from Isle of Bute Gin’s website

The gins can also be purchased on-island from Spirit of Bute on Montague Street or experience the perfect pour at The Glenburn Hotel!