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This is Britain’s most astounding Victorian gothic mansion.

Home to the Stuarts of Bute, descendants of the Royal House of Stuart.

This magnificent house sits proudly on the Isle of Bute – ancient stronghold of Scottish kings.

Although it feels as if you have escaped to a wild and wonderful kingdom, this award-winning historical attraction lies just an hour away from Glasgow.

The flamboyant house and its 300 acres of gardens reflect the artistic, religious and astrological interests of the 3rd Marquess of Bute.

Although still a family home, they provide a spectacular private venue for luxury weddings, exclusive parties and corporate events.

Mount Stuart is a shining example of the grand domestic architecture that came out of Britain’s 19th Century Gothic Revival.

It stands, cathedral-like, as a monument to an obsession with the medieval past.

Mount Stuart is the home to the Stuarts of Bute, descendants of the

‘Royal House of Stuart’