Make your holiday to Bute as hassle-free as possible by streamlining your ticket purchases.

With trains leaving Glasgow Central station regularly, coming to Bute by train is a fantastic option for you to consider if you don’t have a car (or just want to leave the car behind) and have a travel adventure.

You can buy a Sail Rail ticket online using your local station as your start point and with Rothesay as your destination and get a ticket that will allow you to travel straight through … without having to queue at Wemyss Bay for your ferry tickets!

If you are using a station that has no booking options, you can buy the Sail Rail tickets on the train.

Are you bringing your pedal bike? If so, check our blog post on calmac/scotrail and bicycle carriage

Here’s a review of The Chaotic Scot’s visit to Bute using a Rail Sail ticket.

Why not try it for yourself?  Here’s a useful link for you!  Get the most up to date terms and conditions and book your ticket!