Walking on Bute

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Bute is a lovely place to walk. It is fairly low lying so there are no strenuous climbs, just 360 degrees of beautiful views. From the West Island Way to the trails and paths through the Bute Community Forest, there are plenty of walks to choose from. Everyone on Bute will be happy to tell you their favourite walks or pick up a map and go on your own new adventure.

The West Island Way

wiw-cover-170x300The West Island Way was officially opened in 2000 by Janet Street-Porter,the journalist and former president of the Ramblers Association. The route runs the length of the island for about 25 miles (40km) and can be accessed from various points if you want to split the journey. The views of the island and the seascapes are fantastic and make a walk along the route more than worthwhile. The West Island Way was the first waymarked long distance island footpath in Scotland. You could walk it between one and five days but it is best walked over two.
The route is waymarked, running the complete length of the island for around 30 miles. It crosses a dramatic landscape, with a beautiful coastline, beaches, farmland, the moors, and forests. Pick up a Discover Bute Landscape Partnership Scheme Map from most local shops to find your way round the West Island Way and along other walks. This long distance walk can easily be broken down into a series of shorter walks.

The WIW has a new website at www.westislandway.co.uk and the route is part of the Scotland’s Great Trails network.
You can also follow them of Facebook at www.facebook.com/westislandway/

There is an excellent guide to the route at the Walk Highlands website. Follow this Link