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Bute Studio Trail

A weekend of open doors to artists' studios on Bute.  An annual event,  on the 20th and 21st of July, 35 artists and creators will have their doors open for you to experience their creativity in their own workspace. In many places you will be able to buy their works to take home. Aren't the little things we buy on holiday often the nicest of memories of that time? 

Ray Beverly


Bute has a rich history of creatives. Historically the island has been the beneficiary of homegrown and incoming talent over decades and through time this leaves an imprint. Some used Bute as an inspiration, many explore their talent to an accepting audience and some just use the time to create in an unfettered place that welcomes them. Any which way you see it, the talent is diverse, unexpected sometimes, and more than often a pleasure to experience. Whether it's writing, drawing, making, sewing, painting, imagining and even throwing, most likely a little piece of Bute will be in there.

Sarah Jane Hemsley

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Bute by Paul Simpson

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Isle of Bute by
John Williams

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Ruth Slater Artist