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Bute is a unique Scottish island, a world away from the hustle of the mainland.

Time and tides have made this gem of a place chock full of history with new stories for you to create.

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The Pencil Box

The Pencil Box is a shop unlike any other you have ever experienced.  Nestled away in Ballianlay this lovingly repurposed phone booth offers homemade sweet treats, fresh eggs, a book swap, notelets and cards. Most importantly this is an honesty shop so cash is required.

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Glencallum Bay

The Rubh’ An Eun Lighthouse also known as Glencallum Bay Lighthouse stands on a rocky promontory on the north side of Glencallum Bay, at the south-eastern tip of Bute.  Rubh’ An Eun meaning the point of the birds was built in 1911 by the famous Stevenson family of lighthouse engineers.  It emits a red flash of light every 6 seconds.  Reaching the lighthouse is simple, take the West Island Way footpath from the end of the road in Kilchattan Bay and follow the trail as it hugs the rocky coastline.  The walk is roughly 2.5km.

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The Maids of Bute

Two stone maidens sit quietly on the Northern tip of the Isle of Bute staring out to sea. No roads lead to them, the only way in is by foot or boat. They have been sitting there for so long they have become a marked place on ordnance survey maps, but why are they there and why do they wait?
Legend says that they are the wives of two fishermen lost at sea. The ladies sat in hope, waiting to glance a glimpse of their husbands returning, but it was not to be and they waited so long that their still bodies eventually turned to stone. 

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WWII Bunker

Bute forest contains evidence of a decoy site built in World War II. Decoy sites were built to fool German bombers into attacking a place which had no civilians and were of no military value instead of their real targets. On reaching here you will enjoy the stunning views over the Kyles of Bute, a perfect spot for a photograph and a swing.

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